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Computer Experts, Your Country Needs You


GCHQ is to recruit staff in its ongoing fight against cyber crime. For the first time, the UK's listening post is openly recruiting for computer network operations
specialists (CNOS).

The posts have a starting salary of £27,913, are open to both graduates and non-graduates who are at least 18, and have "complex coding and problem-solving skills".

GCHQ said it wants "committed and responsible" applicants, with the potential to carry out computer operations to keep the UK safe. They will join a team of "world-class experts" who help to protect the UK's sensitive information, provide valuable intelligence and carry out computer network operations against
terrorists, criminals and others posing a threat against the country, the agency said.

Successful candidates may work in both cyber security and cyber intelligence roles. GCHQ said: "In cyber security, operations specialists may find themselves
working in a team detecting and preventing attempts to attack the critical national infrastructure, or seeking to defend government systems against criminals seeking to steal information, identities or money.

"Cyber intelligence specialists might need to develop software to access the computers of a terrorist group, or carry out operations to retrieve vital online clues about the location and identity of members of an organised crime ring."

GCHQ are looking for people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, so training is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the role. "The need to keep up with changing technology means that those we recruit continue learning and developing throughout a career in computer network operations."

GCHQ stressed that strict legal controls, safeguards and requirements apply to all of its activities. Vacancies are available in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

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