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Machines Do Words; Translators and Interpreters Do Language

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The sky is the limit in Laird Languages. As an almost independent entity within Laird Expert, it has steadily grown into a major facilitator in the interpretation and translation industry

We have approximately 1,900 interpreters at our fingertips, fluent in over 100 languages. Until recently, cases requiring court interpreters were rare and marginal, but having had over 4000 instructions since June 2015, we are recognising the shift in importance towards accurate legal interpretation and translation.

With demographic reforms on the rise, changes to the make-up of criminal justice proceedings render court interpreters and native language translations key participants in the everyday running of the justice system.

Laird Language only use interpreters and translators with proven competence and established skills, who are governed by a nationally recognised code of conduct established by the NRPSI, ensuring integrity of the profession is maintained.

It’s difficult finding great interpreters, which is why you need to find an interpreting agency with a solid reputation and distinguished customer service focus. Laird Languages have a knowledgeable team, whose job is to support and ensure all parties meet the objective effectively and make high-quality decisions.

There are 7,099 living languages spoken in the world today and 39,491 alternate language dialects, of which 3,866 have a developed writing system. This means the probability of representing a client requiring interpretation or translation are likely. A multitude of barriers need to be overcome - a word, a phrase, medical or legal terminology, statement of truths etc, within law are a foreign language to most.

Instructing a trusted agency to find the right person to interpret or translate court documents (or assist at a court hearing), with fluent knowledge can be a tedious task. Not just any interpreter can interpret legal documents or legal language; every nuance needs to be carefully considered. Hence the need for an experienced and qualified person, with a specific technical vocabulary that takes years to acquire.

With this in mind you should consider the best agency to guarantee the right interpreter/ translator is found, with the correct understanding and specialisation.

Within the legal sector we understand the need for cost savings, but at what cost in the long term?

Is your friend or family member able to fluently speak another Language and cut your cost in half? Whilst this may seem the most accommodating choice at the time, it can be very dangerous. Don’t assume that, given a particular document, translator ‘A’ will translate the document in exactly the same way as translator ‘B’. The only difference between A’s output and B’s output will be the price they are asked to pay for it.

In reality, the outcome of the translation relies solely on the translator’s familiarity with the subject matter and their level of expertise, and such deep understanding only comes with many years of experience. Laird Languages only use mother tongue translators with a minimum of a 100 hours experience and industry-recognised qualifications, so that the quality of the translation will be beyond question, reenforced by a declaration and statement of truth, provided by us, to support the same.

If you would like further information, a price list or some no obligation advice, just give Laird Language a call -we’d be delighted to help!

Christine Baty

Expert Services Manager - Languages and Locus

Laird Assessors


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