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Join our Expert in Raising Funds to Build More Classrooms in a School in Rural Cambodia

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Kanseng Village, near the ancient city of Ankor Wat, is a community development association which is host to a Primary School. The school had been destroyed during the Pol Pot regime. In 2008, Sarha Koch, an English tour guide whose parents taught at the school, decided to revive the school by organising community
based tours for visitors & encouraging them to donate money for improving the conditions

The Kanseng is a government run school catering for 450 children in 5 classrooms. Outside support has enabled the school to provide books & educational
resources for the children; World Food Programme (WFP) provides breakfast & a Cambodia New Year’s Party raised money for a library. Singapore University
students remodelled the school & volunteers from Korea built 3 toilets.

Kansang Village School Project
Dear Friends and Colleagues;

Please lend me a moment of your time so I can tell you how we were touched during our visit to Cambodia last year, and decided to raise charitable money to help build an extension to a village school near Siem Riep.

Kanseng Village, near the city of Siem Riep & the ancient city of Ankor Watt, is a community development association which supports the Kanseng Primary School to provide good quality education for children.

The school had been destroyed during the Pol Pot regime. In 2008, Sarha Koch, an English tour guide whose parents taught at the school, decided to revive the school by organising community based tours for visitors & encouraging them to donate money for to improve buildings for the school

The school provides basic education up to O-level standard for 380 children, ages 6 to 16 attending in shifts. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and primary education is just developing.The aim is to expand the school to take more children in classrooms and provide a covered kitchen for meals and some of the classes which currently ave to be given outside.

My wife Olga and I were very much taken by what we found when Sarha took us to the school and we saw the lovely children, and impressive class room teaching. When we found out that the school needed more classrooms to expand as it is the only school for the region, we decided to help.

The school has just 5 classrooms. Outside donations particularly from Sarha Koch, has enabled the school to provide books & educational resources for the children, The World Food Programme (WFP) provides breakfast & a Cambodia New Year’s Party raised money for a library. Singapore University students
remodelled the school & volunteers from Korea built 3 toilets.

The current plan is:

1. To remodel the current kitchen shed to create storage space & make it a more hygienic environment.

2. Make 2 more classrooms for secondary school children who currently study in outdoor classrooms.

3. Tile the classroom floors to reduce the spread of dust.

4. Build a small wooden house to accommodate volunteers to help the staff educate an increasing number of children.

We plan to raise £13,000 for the whole project. Your donations can make our goal turn to reality.


When we reach:

£500 it will be possible to tile the classroom floors.
£2,500 will help in remodelling the kitchen.
£5,000 will build a classroom.

With your contribution, together we will be able to reach our goal of building a roof over the pupils’ head & make their environment healthier.

We have sought the assistance of Hope for the Young (www.hopefortheyoung.org.uk) to facilitate the transfer of the funds, without any extra cost to us, and this
will add 25% gift aid to the donations of those of you who are the higher tax payers in the UK. There are several ways to make donations:

You can make your donation using the following options:

1. FOR DIRECT BANK TRANSFER directly to the LLOYDS ACCOUNT 'HOPE FOR THE YOUNG: sort code: 30 99 86 account number: 83863160. This method avoids all charges.

2. You can send a check payable to 'Hope for the Young – Cambodia' to the charity’s address: 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP.

3. Or use the Donate page on the charity’s website: www.hopefortheyoung.org.uk. Please select the donation for ‘Cambodia’ option before making the donation.

We hope we can depend on you to please help us with this project.

Steven and Olga Hirsch

Professor Steven Hirsch acts as an expert witness to produce medical reports and appear in court. He is highly valued as an expert in Employment and Personal Injury matters for the Claimant or Respondent.

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