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Novo 55 Consulting Ltd is a small civil engineering consultancy specialising in highways and structural engineering. Both of Novo 55’s directors are Registered Members of the Association for Project Safety and both have over 30 years’ experience in their respective fields in local government and the private sector.

Our directors’ extensive experience can help clients throughout the United Kingdom with all technical aspects of incidents.

Charles’s area of expertise is in traffic and transport. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with an honours degree in civil engineering and is a Member of both the Institutions of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT). He is a member of the Society of Road Safety Auditors and holds a Highways Agency approved Certificate of Competence, which allows him to carry out Road Safety Audits on the Trans European Road Network (TERN).

Charles has wide-ranging experience in traffic management, accident investigation and road safety and the procedures that local government should follow when providing traffic and road safety services to the public. He has recently carried out a traffic sign audit at a large motor vehicle manufacturing plant in the Northeast of England and is currently involved with a number of cycling schemes as Auditor.

Andy’s areas of expertise include structural engineering and highway maintenance. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with an honours degree in civil engineering and a Member of the Institutions of Civil Engineers. He has a National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety and a National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Andy has broad experience of highway maintenance having been the manager of the highway maintenance team of a Northeast England City Council for 10 years and the Head of Transport and Engineering. He has broad technical and legislative knowledge and procedural experience of the highway maintenance service. Andy is also an experienced structural engineer, with a particular interest in buildings and related structures.

Novo 55 has provided advice to the Treasury Solicitor regarding temporary signing at a major road improvement site. A collision resulting in serious injury had occurred within the site during the construction works and the temporary traffic management arrangements that were in place at the time of the incident were called into question. Thanks to the extensive evidence that was provided and Charles’s knowledge of signing requirements and legislation, he was able to give a
view as to whether the signage in place was incorrect or likely to be misleading.

Andy has provided Solicitors with expert advice on a range of highway related incidents involving both pedestrians and vehicles. He continues to provide opinion regarding highway policy (and other) maintenance regimes and likely rates of deterioration. Andy has also provided opinion on the claimed cost of repair of highway infrastructure following crashes. A recent case involved the Scottish Minister for Transport where Andy was able to demonstrate that the cost of an incident was significantly lower than that being claimed.

Novo 55 works with Solicitors in the first instance to help them establish whether a claim is likely to be successful, based on our technical knowledge and
experience of accepted best practice. Our follow-up reports set out the issues that are within our competence and we are available to give further advice and assistance should the case proceed to court.

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