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UK Pushing for More Cyber Security Experts


As cyber threats increase every day, so does the demand for more cyber security experts. With the government wanting an increase in the number of cyber security experts among younger people, withan emphaises on more apprentices in theworkplace. The aim is to attract the most giftedyoung people to this fast-moving area of technology.

The government’s National Cyber SecurityProgramme is receiving a financial boost to assist
recruitment. Although the UK has a vibrant cybersecurity sector as part of this government’s long-term economic plan they want the UK to be one of the safest places to do business online.

Cyber security is pushing to become a more important part of modern education – it will
become mandatory for undergraduates doing relevant studies.

As digital technology becomes more commonplace and sophisticated, the public needs to stay safe.The recent high-profile hack of Sony highlights the sophisication that hackers can achieve. The goverment also want more transparency from businesses, and particularly financial institutions, to secretly share observed digital attacks on theirnetworks with the government.

The UK is not the only country pushing for more cyber security experts. With the US launching Obama’s TechHire initiative, designed to get people trained for “well-paying technology jobs.”

The goverments plan is loosley nased on Obama’s 2016 budget proposals that include a $300m (£200m) fund for IT job partnerships that will ultimately link people to well-paid technology day jobs.

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