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A Question and Answer with CaseLines

A Question and Answer with CaseLines CaseLines is the world’s most comprehensive digital evidence management solution for national andlocal governments, and courts. Our platform allows legal teams to efficiently and securely prepare,collate, redact, share and present evidence/legal bundles, documentary and video evidence in a single system. Prosecutors, lawyers, barristers and judges in civil and public law cases use CaseLines globally,including in England, Wales, Kenya, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The platform holds over 300,00cases and over 100 million pages of evidence and we are now looking to gain a market presence in North America.

A drug with three active ingredients that are released in sequence at specific times: Thanks to the work of a team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), what was once a pharmacologist’s dream is now much closer to reality. With a combination of hydrogels and artificial DNA, nanoparticles can be released in sequence under conditions similar to those in the human body.

An expert has been sent to prison for giving false evidence to the court. The case offers a salutary lesson Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd v Zafar [2019] EWCA Civ 392.

ThisarticleisproducedbyCMSHolbornAsia,a Formal Law Alliance between CMS Singapore and Holborn Law LLC.

At the moment the political and legal commentators in the UK are fixated on Brexit. Andnowonder.Inonlya few weeks the UK could see the biggest political and legal in generations. In the midst of that change, many have questioned the future role for Lon- don as a hub for international disputes.

by Professor Hugh Koch, Clinical Psychologist and Visiting Professorby Professor Hugh Koch, Clinical Psychologist and Visiting Professorto Birmingham City University