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EWI Certifies Professional Solutions E-Learning Programme for Medical Expert Witnesses


The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) has given certification to Professional Solutions’ e-learning programme created specifically for medical expert witnesses in civil litigation. This is the first time that the EWI has certified an e-learning programme and it comes on the back of its support for our highly praised book, Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims – An essential Guide.

This exciting new programme Medico-Legal Report Writing (Core Skills) is available on-line from 14 January 2013 and can be accessed through the Professional Solutions website www.prosols.uk.com

The purpose of the programme is to raise the standard of medical expert reporting in court proceedings and to help ensure that medical expert witnesses meet the professional standards that are required of them. The award of EWI certification will also be a valuable public mark of medico-legal understanding and will assist lawyers in selecting competent medical experts.

The e-learning programme is written and presented by Giles Eyre (Barrister, 9 Gough Square Chambers) and Lynden Alexander (Professional Solutions).

We believe that it is essential that medical experts improve their skills to ensure confidence in their role in personal injury litigation. We have created a powerful solution to the present difficulties where the quality of a large majority of medical expert reports in civil claims is inadequate and fails to serve its proper purpose.

Giles Eyre says, “The legal profession must demand higher standards of practice from medical expert witnesses and refuse to continue to put up with second-rate expert reports. Confidence in the standard of expert evidence in injury claims is essential for the parties and their advisers, and the public in general, but is far too often lacking. Focused training in the skills specifically required of medicolegal experts is essential for all clinicians holding themselves out as practising in this field. A publically recognised mark of competence in medical experts is long overdue.”

James Badenoch Q.C., Chairman of the EWI, has endorsed the programme. He says, “The EWI’s assessment for membership and the courses which it runs will be supplemented by this e-learning programme. It is an excellent and extremely accessible way to give Medical Expert Witnesses the necessary competencies to perform the role of expert witness to the required standard. Achieving certification by the EWI on completion of it will be a public mark of the expert’s commitment to enhancing his or her skills and will have real value. I am delighted that the Expert Witness Institute is associated with this important step in raising and maintaining standards.”