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Adept is the UK's first civil & structural engineering firm to achieve BRE Global BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification. The certificate is awarded to Adept three months in advance of Government’s mandatory requirement for BIM to be applied to all publically procured buildings.

’Well done to Adept - we know that our BIM business certification process is challenging and rigorous but ultimately it will enhance the competitiveness of Adept in national and international markets and enable them to deliver better value to customers throughout the lifecycle of a project’ said BRE Group’s Director for BIM, Guy Hammersley.

Since 2013 Adept have applied BIM on all their projects including the new Next Distribution Centre in Doncaster, a Staycity Hotel in Manchester, the refurbishment of Leeds Kirkgate Market, the new Humber University Technical College and on residential projects for UK’s McCarthy & Stone and social housing organisations across the UK.

Adept’s Managing Director Erol Erturan says: 'BIM is a great way of demonstrating to clients that we have the right procedures in place at every level to deliver what are very rigorous Government requirements. It also simplifies the tendering process, as once a business is BIM certified its competence levels are guaranteed.’

Amanda Clack FRICS is today being inaugurated as the RICS President for 2016-17. Ms. Clack is a Partner at EY, and is Head of Infrastructure (Advisory), leading on infrastructure across government and the private sector.

Chartered surveyors spend a lot of their professional time helping clients who are involved in disputes. When problems escalate to formal tribunals, surveyors bring a range of expertise to bear. They act as advisers, expert witnesses, arbitrators, mediators and also as advocates.

The result of the referendum draws a line under the campaigns of the last few months. The British people have decided that the UK should leave the EU. There now follows a vote in Parliament, and a detailed negotiation for the UK’s exit.

by Christopher Sullivan, Partner, Malcolm Hollis Martin Burns RICS, Head of ADR Research and Development. 
It is a fact of life that disputes involving commercial and residential property will happen. When they do, the best thing parties to those disputes can hope for is quick resolution at minimum cost.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the United Nations have issued a call to organisations in the land, construction and real estate sectors, and those working with them, to take a leading role in responsible and sustainable business practices.

EyeLock, a leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, has been issued U.S. Patent No. 9,613,281, broadly covering the linking of an iris image with a
face image acquired in sequence (during the same transaction) and represents the company’s 45th issued patent.

Dr Bashir Qureshi
• Expert Witness in Cultural, Religious & Ethnic issues in Litigation.
• Expert Witness in GP Clinical Negligence.
• Author, Transcultural Medicine; Dealing with patients from different Cultures, Religions & Ethnicities.
• Former GP & Paediatrics Clinical Public Health Medical Officer, London, UK.

by Joanne Caffrey, Expert Witness in the use of force & management of challenging behaviour

by Graham Rogers, Consultant Psychologist


by Heather Beckett, a Barrister, Registered Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Expert Witness

In our experience we have found many legal professionals are unsure how digital forensics can assist when it comes to cases; “Is it applicable?” “How do I get it?” “What do I ask for?”

A lack of funding to improve forensic science is jeopardising the integrity of the criminal justice system, a new report warns

Blood spatters and saliva at crime scenes can accurately reveal the age of a missing victim or suspect.

Cranfield University has become the first university in the UK to receive full certification from the UK Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ, for a digital forensics course.

by Jo Millington BSc (Hons) MSc PGCert MIABPA, Senior Forensic Scientist, ArroGen Forensics Ltd

by Dr Thomas Walford